Digital Business Cards

Save money and contribute to sustainability by adopting the Digital Business Card Trend, replacing the now-obsolete traditional cardstock cards that usually end up in landfills as trash.

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Holy Smoke!

Starting with ScandyCard is easy and affordable!

With your brand in mind, we customize all Digital Business Cards so you can share your contact information with professional confidence. Get yours today!

Easy to access and share with clients

You'll love how easily you can display and share your Digital Business Card.

You have many ways to display your ScandyCards using a variety of card styles such as Credit Card Size, Coin Size, NFC Stickers, Key Chains, and more. Also, we can program your ScandyCard in wearable items, including a Silicone Wristband, Waterproof Ceramic NFC Rings, and Electronic Tactile NFC Sensors, among other alternatives.

Ask us for more details.

Showcase your brand and be remembered

When your clients scan your Digital Business Cards, they can learn more about the core of your business and service in a fun and friendly fashion, creating a long-lasting, pleasant experience.


Promote your products and services with the power of engaging videos.

Custom Data

We can embed a string of code to display custom data. Contact us!

Cloud Hosted

Our Digital Business Card are hosted in the cloud, adding speed and reliability.

Attach Media

Showcase product catalogs, photographs, PDF files, and more. We have your back.


Stunning Design,
Powerful User Experience

Your satisfaction is our priority. We work closely with you to create a Digital Business Card that reflects your brand and style. Explore some of the designs we have created for clients like you!

Swipe 'em All

Flowless sharing
experience on mobile

Your customized Digital Business Card renders beautifully on virtually all modern mobile devices used today. Impress your clients with technology and style.

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For many users worldwide, ScandyCard makes sharing Contact Information Fun and Easy

Joanna Berlitz
ScandyCard has revolutionized the way I share contact information with potential clients. Gone are the days of fumbling with business cards or manually typing in details.

Joanna Berlitz

Mark Kemmell
With ScandyCard, all I have to do is scan a QR code or tap an NFC card, and voila! Contact information is effortlessly exchanged. It's convenient, efficient, and has definitely simplified networking for me.

Mark Kemmell

Leroy Moore
I recently discovered ScandyCard and was thoroughly impressed. Scanning a QR code or a NFC card is not only convenient but also adds a touch of modern professionalism to my interactions.

Leroy Moore

Brad Edwards
ScandyCard has contributed significantly to the success of our company. We can now share contact information among clients just by taping our phones over a customized wristband bracelet.

Brad Edwards